Many people, when they hear the word “marketing”, instantly assume it is the same thing as “advertising”. In reality, marketing is a much broader concept that includes as one of its parts methods of communication and promotion of products and services. Advertising, sales promotion and public relations represent three extremely important forms of marketing communication. Blazon Marketing offers a wide range of services to effectively promote your products and services.

Blazon Marketing, Inc. was established to bring all aspects of advertising and marketing under one roof. Our deep marketing experience reaches out to a wide range of projects, clients, and price ranges. We accomodate our client’s needs and never finish a job until our goals have been met and our client’s expectations exceeded. We pride ourselves in our ability to give our clients a full and complete marketing package.

Our mission is to push the envelope in design and pave the way for future standards. We believe that our design principles, marketing strategies and our deep understanding of modern and future technologies gives us a significant edge over other design and marketing agencies.

Our Team

Keith Axelrod


Keith has been in marketing for over 35 years. With a Bachelors Degree in Communications from Charter Oak College, he’s worked with a wide array of clients across the country, from corporate & industrial to retail, medical, banking and a ton more. Keith’s philosophy is simple: there is no single solution to marketing – clients need a littany of marketing solutions to help their business or service gain the recognition they deserve: advertising, website development, PR, and identity, among other things. Keith lives in Lagrangeville, New York with his wife Colleen and three children, David, Danielle and Christopher. He is also president of the Mid Hudson Road Runners Club and is an avid runner, having completed 7 marathons.