Strategy / Planning / Branstorming / Marketing Ideas

Everything begins here. We’ll meet with you to discuss the personality and tone of your branding, the look & feel you want to express, initial ideas for a logo/website, or anything else that might be relevant. We’ll come up with a strategy unique to your business and your needs. The most beautiful design can be worthless without sound planning. We’ll make sure everything is done right: target audience discernment, functionality & form (in that order), user experience, marketing direction, and everything inbetween.

Website Design / Website Development

We’ll make you a functional, beautiful website catered to your business’ requirements. A website should be easy to use/navigate, meet the assumed needs of your userbase, be unique, stunnning, and creative, and incentivize users to utilize your business for their needs. We design and develop sites of nearly all sizes, and according to today’s standards of programming and development. We can handle any programming request and hurdle any design obstacle.

Hosting & Domains

You shouldn’t have to call the hosting company and wait on hold on the for a lifetime to have your hosting issues fixed. We’ll handle your domain and hosting as well as your design and development, so we’ve got you covered on all fronts. We’ll help you through the domain selection process, set up your server, handle any support-related questions you might have, and do it all before dinnertime. You should be focused on running your business – let us wait on hold for you.

CMS (Content Management Systems) / Databasing / Database-driven Websites

Need an updatable event calendar? A photo gallery that you control? Want to add those swanky new press releases? Need a blog? Be the administrator of your own website – you don’t need to call us for everything. We can build you a custom, easy to use administrative solution for the back-end of your site. You can post your latest videos, edit your own text, add your own photos (we can even automatically create thumbnails, if need be), all on the fly. Add, edit, and delete any content you want to.

Stores / Storefronts / E-Commerce / PayPal

If you need to set yourself up with a simple PayPal or Google Checkout-driven store, we can help. If you need a bigger, more robust store solution, we can help with that, too. Mixing this with our CMS-solution, you’ll be able to add, edit, and delete products, control costs, sales, and quantities, upload product photos, and more. And with that beautiful website we just made for you, who wouldn’t want to buy something?

Simple & Complex Forms

Whether you need a basic contact form, an application form, or a complicated request form, we’ve got you covered. You can start to build a phone or mailing list, have an easier way for people to sign up for your events, or preemptively know what a customer needs before you even talk to them for the first time. We can capture any of this information and build a database of users, as well.

Logo Design / Branding / Identity

Your logo is the first piece of your branding. It should be clean, simple, understandable, and should represent who your company is and what it’s all about. We can clean up your existing logo or design you a slick new one from scratch. We’ll use everything we know about your company, research similar businesses (both to understand what does/doesn’t work in the market and to create something unique and unlike everyone else), sketch out and clean up any/every idea we have, and go through any changes/requests you have. We can adapt our style to fit the personality of any business, and we’re there to educate and advise you about what’s best.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What good is the most easy to use, magnificently beautiful website if noone can find it? We’ll make sure you get the best spotlight possible. We’ll make sure your code is clean and crisp, help you enrich your copy with keywords, match all content to your website title, description, and any meta tags, submit your site to Google, help you inlink/outlink your site, and submit your information to Google local.

Analytics & Optimization / Valid Coding & Markup

We’ll set you up with Google Analytics to monitor who’s using your website, how often, using what browser and Operating System, from what continent/country/city/town, how they’re getting to your site, what they’re searching for, etc. You can garner an understanding of who’s using your site and what they’re using it for – then you can begin to fine-tune your content to bend toward that base.

Print & Collateral Design

Whether you need to spread the word with a brochure/flyer/poster, get stationary/business cards made, layout a sign for the front of your store, or need any kind of design not made for digital screens, we’re all over it. We’ll make sure your print design follows the principles and personality of your brand and is the best solution for what you need. We have a lot of friends in the printing business, too, so we can pass savings on to you.

Website Maintenance / Servicing / Troubleshooting

We’re not just going to build that beautiful website of yours and then run away – we’re always a phone call/email away. Any issue you’re having can/should become our problem, not yours. Any errors/issues that come up – we’re all over them. We’re constantly refreshing our knowledge and understanding of the latest trends/standards in website development, and we’ll make sure you’re just as up to date.

Custom Scripting (PHP, Javascript, SQL, etc.)

Yeah, we can do this, too. Check out our portfolio for an example. That hide/show/scroll animation? Custom script. We’re all over the latest and greatest Javascript libraries/codebases, and we’ll make sure they’re implemented (if they are) on your site in subtle, unobtrusive ways.